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Liberty Diabetes Supplies – FREE* Blood Glucose Meter

Liberty Medical Diabetes Supplies

Diabetes Glucose Meters

Advances in diabetes glucose meters since the 1970s have made it easier than ever to monitor your blood glucose level. The fact that you can get a FREE* Diabetes Glucose Meter from Liberty Medical is even better!

Before the 1970s, diabetes glucose meters were not available to analyze blood samples. Instead, you had to manage your diabetes by matching the color of your blood to a corresponding color chart. Today’s electronic glucose meters have eliminated the hassles of manual testing. Liberty Medical’s advanced meters provide fast, accurate results.

Diabetes glucose meters come in all shapes and sizes. Some glucose meters need a small blood sample, which others need a larger sample. Some have larger displays screens than others, which makes reading the results easier if you have poor vision. Some diabetic glucose meters have large memory capacities, which allows you to store hundreds of results. Prices for glucose meters range from $20 to $70. Contact Liberty Medical today to see if you qualify for a FREE* meter!

Tools for Testing Your Blood Glucose Level

All diabetics use the same four basic tools to test their blood glucose levels.

Test Strips

Test strips are used with all diabetes glucose meters. And while glucose meters are a one-time expense, test strips must be continuously replenished. Not all diabetic glucose meters use the same test strips, so before you buy a glucose meter make sure you can get a constant supply of test strips. Liberty Medical can help you with this as they offer free delivery of diabetes testing supplies right to your door.